EPICOR MES - The File Exists


(Abiel D. Valdez) #1

I recently got an error while trying to log into MES
Error is - The File Exists
Never seen that before.
Below is the detail of the errror

Anyone seen this before and might know the solution?
This happens with any user we try to log on and just on that PC

(Bruce Ordway) #2

I’ve not seen this before…
I wonder if manually clearing the client cache on that PC would do anything?

Ref paths to cache folder for different OS’s
Windows Vista/7 :… c:\programdata\epicor
Windows XP/2003 :… c:\documents and settings\all users\epicor

(Abiel D. Valdez) #3

Hi Bruce,
Found out that my %temp% folder was full on the OS. I cleaned that out for that particular user and it worked :0)