Epicor log viewer


(kevinwong) #1

hi all

May I know how can check the change log in Epicor and how to config that setting? thanks!


(Brandon Anderson) #2

Follow these instruction in the help file. And then to see if it’s working, make an applicable change and go the applicable screen and the change log viewer is there. Shown in the second screen shot.

(Andris Skulte) #3

We’ve got change logs turned on for the HDCase and ECOGrp tables, but I don’t see the icon in the toolbar. It’s just not there (vs greyed out) in the Case Entry module or Engineering Workbench. Am I looking in the right places? Or is there something in Epicor that needs to be set to see those specific change logs? I’ve got records in the change log table for those tables, so something is in there…


(Bernie Walker) #4

I believe you can filter by table in the change log report or build a BAQ and deploy as dashboard if there needs to be regular examination of the table changes…

(Brandon Anderson) #5

I don’t believe that those 2 screens have a change log viewer, and like Bernie said, you can query the database using other methods.

Where is that second screen shot from? I’ve never seen a screen with that information. (which isn’t saying much, I just am curious where it comes from)


(Andris Skulte) #6

Thanks Bernie and Brandon.

I’ve been using temp BAQ’s to dig through the change logs behind the scenes, but wanted to show the end users how to help themselves.

Is there a list out there (or table/field?) that shows what has a change log viewer?

That 2nd screenshot is from Excel. The data originally came from SQL and from a BAQ, with a few of my own column in there. We’re looking to greatly cut down on the use of change logs and set a cut-off date to purge. We’ve got 36 tables change logged, and most have all fields selected. 20 gigs in the database makes it our biggest table (cough! storage hog!). We’re meeting with various departments to see how they use change logs, and turning many fields/tables off ultimately. Mostly folks are using it to figure out how a mystery change happened (and pinpoint training to specific person on how their change affected the order!)… Right now, 6 months to a year seems like a good cut-off period since some large projects run that long from Quote through Invoice…

(Brandon Anderson) #7

I would just make one (or more) of those BAQ’s into a dashboard and add as a menu item, then the end users can look themselves for whatever they want.

Not that I know of, but that isn’t saying much…