Epicor client installer wants to install ICE 3.0 suddenly


(John Reynolds) #1

Starting today on Epicor 10.2.300.11 (latest) we’ve started seeing on some machines that when we run the usual client installation, instead of being presented with the client install we’re presented with installing ICE 3.0. We’ve never seen this before at any time, and nothing has changed in our deployment folder or client.

(Brandon Anderson) #2

What was your previous version?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #3

what is the exact path to, name of, and date modified of the installer file you used to install?

(John Reynolds) #4


This is a new install, so no folder is actually there already. The path is:



(Brandon Anderson) #5

The reason I asked what your previous version was is because you said things like “suddenly” and “starting today”. Since you were installing a new version, I’m assuming that you were used to some previous version. I just wanted to know which one.

Starting in 10.2.300 the desktop folders and client folders look like this. Other than the names being different, they work the same. (for me anyways)


Is that what you are seeing?

(John Reynolds) #6

I wanted to let everyone know who is following this thread that I opened a support ticket with Epicor and they provided me (very quick turnaround) with a new “Client.exe” binary. This one worked on three out of the five computers.

At this point I am theorizing (and I’m trying to get them to tell me what it was they fixed) that they’re checking particular OS builds and silently failing if a particular build is not found. We had two laptops using the very first release of Windows 10 (1507) and they are not recognized, despite having .Net 4.7.2 installed, etc. More as it comes up.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions so far!