Epicor and Quality Management System (QMS)


(Keith Mailloux) #1

We are in the process of searching for a replacement for our current QMS software. Epicor’s strategy while somewhat confusing is heavily reliant on IQS, a 3rd party company that has developed integrations with Epicor as well as other ERP systems. I have been trying to get more information on functionality and have not had a lot of success and since I purchased Epicor direct 20+ years ago we can not use a 3rd party to assist (facilitate) our review of IQS.

Has anyone successfully implemented a different QMS product with Epicor? We are on 10.1 but plan to move to 10.2.300 after the first of the year. We are an AS9100D certified company. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. If you do use IQS and would be willing to discuss your opinions please feel free to reach out to me direct.