Epicor 9 Multi-query Dashboard


(Zach Berthelot) #1


I have a dashboard for manufacturing that runs two separate queries, one on material and one on labor and burden and displays them in a split window, one on top one on the bottom.
The queries function perfectly and display exactly what I want them to.

I want the user to be able to enter a job number and have the queries both from that one entry populate. I’ve used parameters on the BAQs and they pop up 6 times when I run the dashboard.

How - in explicit terms/instructions - can I have one box pop up, the user enter one job number, and then have the dashboard populate both baqs?

This is 9 - I understand 10 has corrected some of these issues.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’ve heard of subscribing and such but can’t work out how to make that work.

Thank you

(K White) #2

Do you have your to queries linked?

(Craig Moore) #3

Quick rundown of subscribing:

On the first or main BAQ in the dashboard, go to Dashboard Properties (not grid properties.
Check the box for the columns you want to publish (send out for other things to use). In this case, Select JobNum.

Now on the child BAQ’s properties, go to the filter tab. Select the column you want to filter on (JobNum) and then select from the list on the right the item that is named after the BAQ it comes from as well as the field name.

Now whichever row is selected in the parent BAQ’s grid will send its JobNum value to the child BAQ for filtering. In this case, it will be the same value for each row, but the result is basically the same. If you to make it even fancier, you can make a new parent BAQ that is just the Job with header information. Then each of the material and labor BAQs can be set up as subscribers.

You’ll want to remove the parameters from the child query so that it isn’t filtering on them in addition to the subscriber value. Don’t just remove the filter from the table criteria. Also go to the Actions menu to define parameters and delete it completely.