Enter Supplier Price List from Part Maintenance: Other Vendors Not Shown

(Monty Wilson) #1

This came up in our CRP testing; we are comparing the behaviors of 9.05.702a SQL vs 10.1.600.16.

Open a part (in Part Maintenance) that has multiple approved vendors in the Supplier Price List. Part Plant (Site) tab, primary supplier code is shown. Right-click, open with… Supplier Price Lists. [notice the plural?]

So in 9.05 it opens the Supplier Price List UI with all authorized suppliers for the item in the navigation tree. But in 10.1, we can only see the individual supplier that was right-clicked in Part.

Any experience with this issue; any ideas for a workaround?



(Tyler Tisdale) #2

We have found the same issue, I was wondering if you found any workarounds? I’m currently testing 10.2.200 and it seems to behave the same way with only showing the primary supplier.

(Monty Wilson) #3

Dear Tyler,

I haven’t opened a case but I asked around at Insights and the best workaround I have learned so far is to open with… Purchase Advisor instead of going directly to the SPL. Purchase Advisor has tabs for all SPL entries of a part, in addition to Approved Supplier information.


(Tyler Tisdale) #4

Thanks, I’ll pass that along. We did open a ticket with Epicor at the time, but the response we got was the current method was working as they intend it to.