Emailing Packing Slip

(Karen) #1

In Epicor 10.1.400, is there a way to email a packing slip AND print it? Without further use interaction? Our shipping crew is currently printing the packing slip and including it in the package. We have had several customers request an emailed copy of the packing slip. Can the print function do both somehow?

We have APM and are using it, along with a contact with a special Role, to email invoices when we print them. The thing is, the invoice is either printed OR emailed, not both.

(Vinay Kamboj) #2

You can use apm to do both. We print and email invoices at the same time. Depends how you have set up routing in apm.

Vinay Kamboj

(Bryan DeRuvo) #3

As Vinjay said, update your routing to include the printer. You may find that cover pages (the email template) print with each pack slip.
If that happens, you can add the cover sheet to the email recipient instead of the entire routing rule.