E10- Releases are not fixed during the PO raising


(Hari Dutt) #1

WE had implemented an approval based for any changes in PO i.e once PO has been raised if any changes are made to any field the same should go via an Approval Matrix.

Now the customer is having a concern that the Releases are not fixed during the PO raising. And the same can be changed later on. They do not want this to be part of PO approval.
If there is any change in Release the PO Amount/Quantity gets changed and hence it triggers the DOA matrix. Hence keeping release out of triggering points is also not helpful. And we need to keep the PO Amount and Quantity in DOA triggers.

Can anyone help us in how to make the Release outside the trigger as currently we have implemented the trigger on Save.

(Bruce Ordway) #2

I’m not sure I’m following… can you provide more detail?

Wondering what you mean by “raised”, “raising”

“DOA triggers”… do you mean there is a custom BPM in place?
If so, what method, condition(s), action(s) details?