E10.2 Overriding calculated extended quantity required raw material in Kanban

(Joe D Trent) #1


Situation: We’re cutting parts from aluminum bars, formed pieces, etc. from sticks of material kept in “eaches.” We calculate how many parts we can get from a stick. There is usually a fractional part of the stick not used, usually small. We want to consume the whole stick.

We want to do this only when we make the parts on Kanban receipts. The same part needs to consume only a portion of the stick in normal operation.

I thought of making a BPM that would change the extended quantity required from something like 2.97 to 3.0, but haven’t found the hook.

The trace run during the Kanban receipt only exposes the receipt entry dataset and sends it off to a deep dark place for processing. I’ll try BL Tester, but thought I’d check to see if anyone here has had any experience, warnings, suggestions about it.



(Mark Damen) #2

I can offer some advice on trying to hook into Kanban Receipts – it really is a black box, that doesn’t follow the same logic as other methods. I ended up creating a completely new customised dashboard to do similar thing to KB Receipts.