E10.1.500 Customizing the Email/Fax Print Form

(Joe D Trent) #1


I’m trying to customize the email/fax form that pops up when you click the email button on the toolbar of the print dialog.

In developer mode it lets me create and save a new customization on form “Lib.Report.SSRSPrinterForm” and it runs fine in development mode.

But I haven’t found where to apply the customization. It doesn’t display the “process calling” information like the dialog box does. I can’t see a dll for the form when I try to add a menu item to hang a process calling entry from.

On the “select customization” screen there are personalizations showing, so it seems there should be a place to hang the customization somewhere.

Any words of wisdom?


Joe Trent

(Pierre Hogue) #2

Try to create a new menu item, and call the customization from that menu.

Then you can Process call this menu to launch your form from anywhere…

I created similar way for launching SOPickList report from context menu of an order…


(Joe D Trent) #3

Thanks for the info.

The dll for this, I’ve found, is “Ice.Lib.EpiReportLib.dll”. I’ve added the menu item and applied the customization, but the customization doesn’t fire.

The customization shows up in the menu maintenance dropdown box, so it has to be the right dll.

Added the process calling with the form name connected to the right menu name. It all looks okay, just doesn’t work.