Duck duck gray duck

(Brandon Anderson) #1

@aidacra will appreciate this.

(Chad) #2

That’s truth!!

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #3

Some additional reading for those that doubt the superiority of duck duck gray duck vs duck duck (spit) goose:

(Brandon Anderson) #4

The link doesn’t work…

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #5

Maybe it knows you’re not a Minnesotan?? :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: you are from MN (blush)
Minnesota’s kids’ game can’t duck controversy - (161.8 KB)

(Brandon Anderson) #6

Yeah, I saw your presentation at the EUG meeting. (I’m waiting for your slide deck… where can I find that…)

It’s working now, I don’t know what the deal was.

(Calvin Krusen) #7

Link loaded for this person (who has never even been to Minnesota)

“We play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck, while the rest of the planet plays the inferior Duck, Duck, Goose.”

I guess the rest of us aren’t hung up on color…

Yeah, I went there. :wink:

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #8

I provided it to the EUG leadership last week, but, I just created a new post with it.

(Matt Helfrey) #9

It’s amazing how so many states can be exactly wrong.

(Brandon Anderson) #10

I know right!!

(Joseph Moeller) #11

This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I agree duck duck grey duck is actually the better game.

(Brandon Anderson) #12

I just about managed to take this badboy home from the family gift exchange, but alas it was stolen. :cry:

(Calvin Krusen) #13

Funny … That odd one out is much larger. Like how a goose is larger than a duck…

(Bruce Ordway) #14

Reminds me of variations in pronunciation…

Montevideo (Uruguay) - mon-tuh-vi-dey-oh
Montevideo (Minnesota) - mon-tuh-vid-ee-oh

guid - gwid
guid - goo-id
guid - gee-you-eye-dee

gif - jif
gif - gif

(Calvin Krusen) #15

This is correct. I don’t go to the zoo to see the GIH-raffs

(Mark Wonsil) #16

I don’t go to the zoo to see the GIH-raffs

GIF equals the Jiraphic Interchange Format?

That’s just jreat…

(Calvin Krusen) #17

But giraffe starts off gi Not gr …

LCD - EL-cee-dee
Liquid Crystal Display - LIH-kwid …

Or do you pronounce LCD as LIH-cee-dee ?

gust sayin’

(Calvin Krusen) #18

I’m retracting my post that used LCD as a counter example. That’s initials, not an acronym.

Here are more appropriate examples:
ASCII - Ah-skee, not Uh-skee (for UH-mer-ik-uhn stan-derd …)
SONAR - SO-nar, not SOW-nar (for SOWND NAV-ih-gay-shun …)

(Mark Wonsil) #19

That’s a given…