(Scott Cupples) #1

Hi guys! Is anyone here using DocStar with Epicor for document repository and AP? Can you provide some feedback? Currently, we use Altec’s Doc-Link.

(Kristine Fierce) #2

We are in the process of moving from APM to DocStar. We are currently looking to use DocStar as document repository and I have processes setup to email and capture AR Invoices and Customer Statements. I also have processes for saving GL journal entry supporting documentation and part drawings. These are all setup using in our test environment.

Next year we are planning to add AP flow to our DocStar processes.

The process to get documents to DocStar will go through Epicor’s Advanced Print Routing and for the user the process will be similar in how they today select the ERM printer to queue up the documents, only with ARP the process will be immediate when user either select report style with APR or we set the report style w/APR as default style. Either way from and on the user will get a message that Routing is enabled. Do you want to Execute the routing actions?

(John Kane) #3

I really liked how easy it was to set up documents to store automatically. In my old job I had set it up to store documents (e.g. Order Acks, Invoices, Pack Slips) automatically without the users even knowing.