DocLink to DocStar

(Paul Morgan) #1

Just after a bit of info regarding install in countries other then Australia. DocLink isn’t being supported by Epicor after Oct 2018 so you need to purchase DocStar. What are Epicor offering you??

(Simon Hall) #2

I’m going to reply, even though I am in Aus… :grin:. I don’t ever recall having to contact support for Doclink issues. So having the support stop, is not going to kill you unless you are going to the lastest and you use the full APMplus with the integration, if you are just using the ERM printer and Output manager it shouldn’t hurt. You may want to talk to Doclink direct if you want support on their product direct, at least for the Doclink side. I would not expect Tips and Answer books to go away either.
My 2c. anyway