DMT: not all options available to different users


(Aaron Moreng) #1

I have a user who has essentially all security group access (but is not a security manager) who does not have the PO Receipts menu option in DMT. I’ve made sure they are an authorized user for the 1 buyer we have, but that didn’t change anything. There is no special security specified on Receipt Entry. Any ideas why this user doesn’t have access via DMT to PO Receipts? This is on DMT for 10.1.600

(Aaron Moreng) #2

I should also note: the user has access to Receipt Entry in the Epicor application but not in the DMT. This would make me believe it’s not a security related issue

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Actually, the security model is the same. If you go to the search screen and search the Menu space for “Receipt”, you see they DO have access. Blocking the menu-path does not block the command. If there’s a way to block in the DMT (without a new userID), I’d be interested!

Mark W.

(Aaron Moreng) #4

Hey Mark
I’m at a loss with this one. Both users have full access to create POs and receive them, but neither has access to the PO Receipts Combined template in DMT.
I would assume that if the security model is the same, then we would be looking at BO level security, of which I have none.
I tried logging into DMT as one of those users from my machine and they did not have the access we are looking for, so it’s definitely security related.

(Aaron Moreng) #5

Ran into this again after an upgrade from 10.2.100 to 10.2.200. Users have full access in the system for PO Receipts, but they don’t have the menu option in DMT. I feel like I’m going crazy this week!

Any ideas?