DMT Inventory Transfer Error

(K White) #1

i am getting an error message on DMT Inventory Transfer “A valid plant transfer definition is required”. This is a new plant and I am moving inventory over to the new plant. I have the Plant column set to new plant. I even tried adding the FromPlant and ToPlant columns…same error.

Validate Columns says it is ok but i know the this is a flawed check in Epicor.

I am using the following columns

(Greg Payne) #2

In Plant configuration Control there is a Transfer Definition Tab

(K White) #3

Agh, I didn’t realize I needed to set that for DMT’s. Thanks I thought it was for Transfer Orders only.

(Rob Bucek) #4


DMT follows ALL business logic and requirements just as someone who would do it through any forms available through the application.

(K White) #5

thanks for the tip. I knew it followed the logic just had a moment i didn’t put 2 & 2 together.

(Calvin Krusen) #6

Kim - If you only need to get QOH’s correct (assuming all plants involved use the same GL Accounts), you could do QTY Adjusts. In the old plant: from QOH to zero. In the new plant: From QOH to QOH + Old plant QOH.

Just make sure you use the same reason code, to net the GL trans to zero.