DMT Deployment Strategy

(Aaron Moreng) #1

Hi All
I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to automate the install of DMT after an environment upgrade has been performed.
Currently, the way we deploy to a client is with a copy from the server client folder and it overwrites the client directory.
We want certain users to have DMT, but not all users.

Currently, we just have to copy the DMT files and license into that clients folder, which is not an ideal solution.

(Andris Skulte) #2

Aaron - Could you create a batch file to do that, then email the batch file to those users to run after an update? Sure, it’s one more step, but a little more automated that someone (or that user) copying DMT exe, dll, and license files into their folders.

We’ve done it manually for our few DMT users.

(Rick Bird) #3

I thought that anything you put inside the zipped ClientRelease folder gets installed on the client during an upgrade. So couldn’t you just place the needed DMT files inside the zipped Client Release folder?
Seems like there was a gotcha with that, so you might want to test it first.

(Aaron Moreng) #4

Hey Rick,
I think as a control, we don’t want everyone to have DMT, just some people.
If we deployed inside the Client Release, I would think it would get deployed to everyone…

(Aaron Moreng) #5

That’s probably the path I’d do too. I wasn’t sure if there is an elegant way, such as adding users to a certain security group, and then as part of the client release, it would evaluate the user to see if it needed to copy the DMT files down too.

(Ken Nash) #6

Is this an AD environment? Do you have log in scripts for users? You could run the bat file to copy files at this time as well. Then you could control based on AD group. You have lots of options.