Data Model not syncing

(Caleb) #1

Good morning everyone… I’ve been trying to fix this field within a UD table for a little while now and it’s not updating.

I add the fix to the field and then went on the server and regenerated the data model and then recycled the app pool but the “Table not synced” button is still yellow…

I’ve done this several times and even tried deleting the two files and letting it re-create them (Erp.Data.910100.dll and Ice.Data.Model.dll) and even after that it still isn’t synced…

I’m pretty confused as to why this isn’t working, we haven’t had any issues in the past with this…

Any help would be appreciated!

(Carlos Quintanilla) #2

Hi Caleb,

How many App Servers are connecting to the same Database?
If you have more than one, be sure you recycle all pools, maybe you are connecting to the one not yet recycled.

Carlos Quintanilla

(Caleb) #3

Each app server has it’s own db to connect to…

I ended up just restoring the environment from a different one and now the regen + recycle works.