Dashboard Tracker View

(Felix) #1

I have added a tracker view using a date field. I have also added a range using the customization view
It seem to be working fine except when I input a date range and refresh it is pulling some data which appear to have a blank on this date field.

Anybody have an Idea of why this is happening?


(Kevin Albee) #2

Is the table containing the date one that is joined in the query using an outer join? Because, in that case, I believe it might still keep records with a null date value even if you have a tracker criteria stating a date range.

(Calvin Krusen) #3

Is your question really about why a blank or null date satisfies the match criteria?

Try adding a calc filed to the BAQ that is set by if the date filed is null. Make it a char field for something like (pseudo-code):

if((Table.DateField) isnull){
calc_value = “YB”;
calc_value = “NB”;

Then in the Dashboard’s tracker, add a field for “Blank Date”, to MATCH the calc field you added.
“Y” to see only results with blank dates
“N” to see only results with non-blank dates (and in the range of your other fields
“B” to see both

If you don’t ever need to see both at the same time. Just make the calc field a boolean

(Felix) #4

Thanks Kalbee,

yes the table containing the date field if linked to 2 other tables in the query and is using an outer join.

(Felix) #5

Thank you, Let me try this and see if it solves my issue.

(Felix) #6

Taking out the outer join on this table seem to have resolved this problem.

Again, Thank you!