Dashboard Text wrapping / Row Height

(Evan Purdy) #1

How can I make the rows in a dashboard tall enough to fit all the text in a field (part description)?

(Evan Purdy) #2

So I would guess that the table on a dashboard is an EpiUltraGrid, based off a Infragistics UltraGrid if I understand correctly… So if I could set DisplayLayout.Override.CellMultiLine = DefaultableBoolean.True and DisplayLayout.Bands(0).Override.RowSizing = RowSizing.AutoFree then I would probably get the result I want.

Is there any way to customize a dashboard?

(Chris Conn) #3

Sure, compile it to an assembly (SmartClient), add a menu item for it, create a customization for it.

(Evan Purdy) #4

How though? When I click any other menu item, such as quote entry the customization window appears but when I click dashboard menu items it does not show that window.

(Chris Conn) #5

I’m confused as to what you just said. Is it that you not know how to compile to an assembly? Or how to add it to the menu? Or add a customization?

(Evan Purdy) #6

I have a dashboard. I have deployed it with the “Deploy Smart Client Application” Checked
I have a menu item for this dashboard.
With developer mode turned on, clicking on the menu item does not present any of the customization options I would expect to see. If I customize the quote entry form or other menu items I can add controls, code etc. I can only change which fields show and what grouping is used for the Dashboard, not add controls such as buttons etc.

(Chris Conn) #7

Did you create the menu item or was it autocreated? If so - did you select Dashboard Assembly (not runtime)

(Evan Purdy) #8

I don’t have menu security access - got my boss to change it and now it works. (After restarting Epicor) Thanks.

Now I just need to get the text to wrap.