Dashboard properties

(Charles Dingas) #1

If I have a dashboard and it is summarized. How can I customize the summary view. The end user wants the summary from the dashboard. See below:

to just report the summary no detail. They want a separate one for detail.

They do not want the detail in the summary.

Do I need to sum the totals prior in the query for this to give me what they are looking for.



(Chris Conn) #2

I would suggest deploying the dashboard (deploy smart client i think its called), use it as an assembly (as opposed to a runtime) and you can place a customization on it.

(Charles Dingas) #3


I do deploy it as a Smart Client but do not understand how you would use it as an assembly. Can you walk me through it?



(William) #4

Assembly is in the Menu Maint. After you do deploy the dashboard, you need to go to Menu Maint and set the dashboard up, using the Dashboard-Assembly in program Type.

Then you can make a customization like any other customization and, in menu maint, added the customization(its at the bottom).

(Charles Dingas) #5

Thanks. I can deploy the dashboards but not menu maint. It is deployed as an assembly. Now I just need to figure out how to just show the summaries in a column view. I’m in customization now and looking into it. Any suggestions on how I can do this?

(Brad Boes) #6

If you only want the summary data, change the BAQ.

Brad Boes

(Charles Dingas) #7

The BAQ to gather this information is very detailed. Not sure I can just do a summary. I’m pulling in job cost, part transactions, job details, etc.