Dashboard missing BAQ column

(Sam Khayatt) #1

All -

My dashboard is missing the ParentRev column that is present in the BAQ.

I have deployed it several times, started and re-started Epicor, even removed the menu item and re-added it. I have even added another column which shows up just fine.

The column in the dashboard properties is set to Visible.

The only thing that is different is that this field is coming out of an InnerSubquery that calculates Max(revision).

Thanks for whatever thoughts you may have on this.


(Ken Nash) #2

Is there a personalization on the dashboard? Clear Cache?

(Sam Khayatt) #3

No personalization.
When you say "clear cache, " to what are you referring and how would I do that? Epicor is deployed via Citrix. Is it a cache at the Citrix-level that must be cleared?

(Ken Nash) #4

in epicor.

(Sam Khayatt) #5

That did it, thanks. Unfortunately, each person is going to have to do this. And for those on the shell version of the interface, the options are on the Settings block.