Cycle count maintenance print tags greyed out


(Mark Rowley) #1

Epicor version 9.05.701

Bit of an odd one…
In count cycle maintenance the actions / print tags is greyed out…this is after we have regenerated count tags.

Has anyone come across this before?

Thanks in advance.

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Pretty sure it means that the tags have already been printed. There is a specific way to re-print tags.

(Calvin Krusen) #3

Also make sure the count hasn’t been started.

FWIW - we jumped from V8 to E10, so E9 may have some differences.

(Mark Rowley) #4

Thanks for your comments…i’ve just exported the table CCHDR and done some filtering, it seems the line were having trouble with Qmain on the 9th Jan has a cycle status of 4…when i took the filters off, this is the only row with a 4…so i’m curious what these all mean.

Follow up…This code will indicate the status of the cycle. When status is zero the cycle is scheduled but not started. Inventory is frozen at sequence start.
0 = scheduled
1 = tags generated
2 = Count started
3 = counts entered
4 = recount tags generated 5 = (not used)
6 = completed
7= canceled.

(Mark Rowley) #5

same thing has happened again today.
the MAIN warehouse is fine, thats been running for a few years…its the QMAIN warehouse thats causing the problem, which has only been running for cycle counts this week…so i wonder if its a setup issue.