Customize Handheld Screen

(Andrew Saldivar) #1

Hello All.

After searching around the internets, including topics found here, I haven’t been able to find a definitive article about customizing the Handheld menu under E10 - specifically 10.2.200. The /HHC parameter works on the shortcut for Handheld, but once loaded, no click combination seems to launch the Customization Tools Dialog.

I can access customization for the Handheld screens via the Windows Client (under Production Mgmt, Data Collection, Handheld), and I can then modify the order of the Grid headings for the Packout program, and I can save the customization. I then have very little info on applying this customization.

So… long story short, does anyone know the proper way to A) Launch the Customization Tools Dialog, and once a customization is saved, B) How to apply it so all handheld devices will reflect the customization?

Thanks in advance.


(Jason Woods) #2

There are handheld menus within standard Epicor. Customize the screen there, then deploy.

(Andrew Saldivar) #3

Hey Jason, good to see you here! My company has benefited from your expertise for quite a few years now since our go-live on E9.

Regarding the handheld customization, I just now (after reading the simplicity of your response) realize that I am likely missing something obvious. Perhaps I just have to apply the customization to the appropriate program, under Production Mgmt\Data Collection\Handheld… as I would with any other program?

However, the customization I created for the Packout program isn’t available to be selected in menu maintenance. I’m sure I’m, again, missing something obvious.

Any thoughts?

UPDATE (4 Minutes later)

It’s fine, Jason. Went through the process again, saved the customization, applied it via Menu Maintenance… done deal. KISS principle still stands. Thanks for the assist.

(Jason Woods) #4

Sorry, you are right. It was sort of vague. Glad you found it anyway.