Customization tab Stops


(Randy) #1

I am trying to customize the job entry screen/material detail so that the tab key takes me directly from Part to Qty/Per Parent.

I have set all of the default tabs before it to Use app styling = false( not sure if necessary) and Tab stop = false. This didn’t work.

Then I set all of the other field’s tab indexes to higher numbers and set Qty/Per to #2 and left PartNum at 1.

Still didn’t work. Have the menu set to my customization, cleared the cache. No luck.

Can you make me lucky :slight_smile:

(Chris Conn) #2

In many forms, the form logic (based on the EpiBound field change) controls the next field targeted.

(Calvin Krusen) #3

Based on what Chris said, see if you can set it to the third tab stop. TAB-TAB is better than TAB-TAB-TAB-TAB-TAB…

Or just rearrange the columns in the list view so the desired column is second.

(Mazin Asmar) #4

I’ve done something similar but for a tab not a field. I changed the default focus on a tab during the form load event. I suppose one can enable a FORM field event on the target field then set the focus accordingly.

(Randy) #5

How do I get to list view? I can see the tree on the left, but I cant move anything there.

Thanks in advance.

(Mazin Asmar) #6

Do you mean Job Details> Materials> Details vs. List tab? If so, I think you would need to uncheck Engineered and Released.

(Calvin Krusen) #7

In the GIF below,

  1. I created a new Mtl record (via Right click and “Add Material”)
  2. After Seq 1030 was created I hit tab once to get to the PartNum field
  3. Enter the Part Num and hit tab. This takes you to the Qty/Parent