Customization pulling data from BAQ

(Alex Villalon) #1

Good Morning Guys

I am trying to do a customization that if a part is included in a BAQ then a native field on the quote screen will change a value. Can you please provide me some guidance how to do it i am on a cloud environment. I cant use custom code to do it through BPM.

(Brandon Anderson) #2

you can use a query (sort of) condition in your BPM. So you shouldn’t need custom code.

(Alex Villalon) #3

i can use the drag and drop soft BPM to do it? ok let me look into the conditions and the options i have there thanks you so much i will let you know how i archive it

(Brandon Anderson) #4

Yup. This is the condition.

It’s a little frustrating trying to make the conditions because you can’t test it easily, (use message boxes to help you trouble shoot it) but once you get it, it works like a charm.

(Alex Villalon) #5

Thanks that screenshot will be really helpful