Customer Shipment Entry - Packout Tab Default


(Joe Gollakner) #1

I would like to make the PackOut Tab of the Customer Shipment Entry Screen the main tab when a user enters the screen. However, what our users do upon entering the PackOut screen is type in their order number, hit tab, then select their package code. When I have the base screen this works without issue. When I move the PackOut tab to the first tab, save layouts, then save the customization, as soon as a user selects a Package Code they’re hit with the error below.

In addition, I also tried to achieve this in the Script OnLoad Method this way:
private void CustShipForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
// Add Event Handler Code
EpiBasePanel packoutPanel1;
packoutPanel1 = (EpiBasePanel)(csm.GetNativeControlReference(“6ec2a129-ae29-4693-9bf7-8c0e618cc2c9”));

I cannot get the PackOut tab as the default tab without users getting this error upon selecting a Package Code. Has anyone run into this or have any suggestions.


(Kamran Javid) #2

What version are you on? I have just moved the Pack Out tab across, saved the layout as a personalisation - entered a valid Pack ID and all is well:

(Joe Gollakner) #3


The process our guys use is:

  • Enter and OrderNum
  • Hit Tab
  • Click the Package Code Button:
  • Select a Package Code

Then we hit the error

(Kamran Javid) #4

Im on 10.1.600.3 and I am not experiencing the same issue. Sorry. Try taking out all your code and just do it from the Packout pane in base mode. if you are getting the same error, could be a support issue. otherwise just drag the pane over and save it as a personalisation.

(Matt Helfrey) #5

There is nothing wrong with your Load Method.

What other code do you have in this customization? I would look there for the cause of this error.