CRM Corruption?

(Aaron Moreng) #1

I’ve been dealing with this problem for years, but I haven’t found any solution.

It’s pretty hard to describe without showing, but I believe that our CRM implementation from years ago was corrupt and we have been carrying it with us ever since.

Duplicate Customer/Ship To Contacts
In many of my customers, I see repeated contacts of the same entity have been added many times.

They are clearly the same PerCon, but there is no way to delete them as they are linked to sales orders/quotes in the system.

I haven’t the foggiest idea about how this could be fixed.

If anyone has run into something similar, I would love to hear about how you tackled it.


(Zack Williams) #2

Not an uncommon problem. I beleive this occurs in either quote or order entry. Ive never narrowed down the exact circumstances, but I think it happens when a name is typed into the attn dropdown, instead of selected from the dropdown, or something equally ridiculous as that. Instead of using the existing contact it creates a new one.

I imagine you could make a data directive on the CustCon table that checks if the same person contact already exists for the customer num. In terms of cleaning ip the existing ones you’re only option is to mark the duplicates inactive.

(Caleb Grundmeier) #3

We did exactly that. Epicor won’t allow duplicate names to be “Added” but it will let you change the PerCon after the fact, even if it already exist. They need a feature to merge Customer Contacts, something like Salesforce has.