Create 1 barcode to cover the 3 separate operations?

(system) #1
The $I is for a tab character, $M is for enter character. Either will work
for most situations.
There is a download in the files section having to do with barcodes that
will help guide. It is specific to the Wasp scanners, but most of the
information translates.
Good luck,
Aaron Hoyt
Vantage Plastics

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> '$I' + asmb + '$I' + '20*' <
Thanks, the Epicor sample uses $M for Worthington scanners.
What brand of scanner do you use?
How did you find out which code to use?

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(system) #2
We print 1 bar code for
Job + Assembly + Operation
Font Datawork 39

'*' + TRIM(JobAsmbl.JobNum) + '$I' + asmb + '$I' + '20*'

Babette Welch
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Argonics, Inc
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From: "Bruce Ordway" <bruceo@...>
Subject: create 1 barcode to cover the 3 separate operations?


We think we'd like to use barcode scanners along with PlantFloor in
Vantage 6.1.
But... we're doing our setup in a lab environment first.
Anybody modified their travelers for better use with scanners?
Can you share your experience?

So far I only have a general tech tip from Epicor that describes how
the traveler report can be modified to have the operation sequence be
1 barcode. I haven't had time to test it yet.


Bruce Ordway