Client install issue when install files are English and windows pc is running Dutch language


(Kristine Fierce) #1

Anyone ran into the issue where the client install files are all English but won’t run correctly when user is trying to install on a windows PC running Dutch language? It seems we can’t get the file to run correctly. Only way that our IT guy have gotten this to work is to share a folder out with all the dll’s for them to copy. Seems there has to be another way. We are on

Kristine Fierce
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(Haso Keric) #2

Can you elaborate what is not running correctly, as in what’s the expected outcome? In addition to what error, warning of behavior is occuring?

(Mike Gross) #3

Yes, can you elaborate? We have two office in the Netherlands and just started with a single client install for our 10.2.300.3 upgrade (from 10.1.500.17), but my guy had no issues with the client install. And I’m sure the client was set for Dutch at the OS. Maybe we can help…

(Kristine Fierce) #4

Just to clarify, the Epicor application installs correctly but it fails to pulls down the from the server with the error below. From what I have read online this error is caused when the zip file is created but no language is specified. This causes a PC (installed with a language other than English) to error during unzipping, even if the current language is set to English.


(Mike Gross) #5

Hmm. Have NOT seen that one before for sure. Could you temporarily set the PC to English for the download to occur?

Option 2 would be to just copy the install directory to the PC from a PC that worked. Epicor’s client is just the directory of stuff, not other windows hooks or anything, so the directory in itself is totally portable and then all you need is the desktop shortcut folder…