Clear form after successful issue of material

(Brad Fraser) #1

I need to trigger a Form Clear after a successful issue material (After the OK button is clicked and Epicor finishes processing). I’d prefer to do this in a BPM as deploying a customization to an MES version of the Issue Material Screen isn’t something I have investigated yet.

We are on 10.1.600.26.

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Chris Conn) #2

try oTrans.Clear();

(Brad Fraser) #3

Do I need to declare usings or references?

(Brad Fraser) #4

I get "The name ‘oTrans’ does not exist in the current context. It is a post-processing directive currently to the method: Erp.IssueReturn.OnChangeToJobSeq

(Chris Conn) #5

Ah, yea, you dont have an oTrans there. Perhaps use a CallContext variable to pass back to the form to act on?

(Brad Fraser) #6

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I do not know how to do that.

I will try and do some digging around the forum to see if I can find something that mentions the CallContext variable.

(Ken Nash) #7

CallContext is the most under used variable in the system. Each call has one.

Why not clear out the ds being returned in the POST processing?

Chris’s idea is a good one, but then you are doing a client customization. Which you should be able to do since MES call the Forms Process ID, which you can control in Menu Maintenance.

Think you have options, the client customization is what I would do.

(Jason Woods) #8

You cannot clear the screen from a BPM. You must clear in a customization instead.

(Chris Conn) #9

Like Ken and Jason mentioned, doing that from the BPM isnt possible, But my suggestion is to slap a value in a CallContext.Checkbox01 or somthing, that way you can check that field clientside and act upon it. If you dont care if the call completes successfully, you can just add an event on the form after that field change, then do the clear. Otherwise, I’d use that event to check the CallContext value and clear as needed