Change SO sold to after putting deposit invoice against it


(Wendy Hsu) #1

Hello All,

I think I know the answer to this question already, but I want to double check.
I have an Sales order entry that doesn’t have any shipment, however it does have deposit invoices against it.
Is it still possible to change the sold to in order entry?

If it’s not possible, what are some ways to salvage this?
I don’t think delete the deposit invoices is the right way…

Thank you!
Wendy Hsu

(Toby Lai) #2

If the deposit has been received, then you have to do some journal entry to fix it before changing the SO sold to.

If the deposit invoice has not been posted, delete it, as it hasn’t hit the journal yet, then change SO Sold To afterwards .

If the deposit invoice is posted, you have to create a credit memo and apply on the deposit invoice. Then change the SO Sold to afterwards