Change Part Number in Part Master

(Tracey Ash) #1

We are about to implement the Production & Inventory modules in Epicor. All of our part numbers have been setup in the past as Not QtyBearing, Not Serial Tracked and with the wrong Units of Measure. These can’t be changed now that there are 1000’s of transactions.
My problem is that we have Solidworks and the parts link to Solidworks.

I would like to know if it is possible to change (on bulk) the part numbers which already exist in Epicor? Has anyone done this?


(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #2

We ran into this with duplicate part numbers for purchased parts and unfortunately, I don’t believe it is possible to change part number since it is a key field in the record. Especially if it has transactions held against it.

(Craig R) #3

What modules are you running in Epicor now if you arent running production and inventory?

(Tracey Ash) #4

Financial, Purchasing, AP, AR, Inventory (but only have PartNum, Description) All items set to not Qty Bearing and Non Stock.

(Craig R) #5

If you dont have UOM and UOM conversions set up correctly, changing in Epicor is a pain.

you could create new part numbers in Epicor and then rename the part file in Solidworks, this can be very tedious process. especially when the part files are in many assemblies in the cad models.
I went through the same thing. UOMs were wrong and UOM conversions were not correct.

another option is re implement Epicor with a clean part master and start fresh.
UOM conversions are essential if you are moving to real time inventory control, and jobs in epicor.

(Tracey Ash) #6

That’s the answer I was expecting but not the answer I wanted :slight_smile:

(Calvin Krusen) #7

Understatement of the day.

(Calvin Krusen) #8

How locked into having transactional history?

You could create a new DB and seed it with selected data from the current DB. You could make external BAQs to show data from tge old DB, in the new one.

It would be like new install, but it would give you a chance to get things right.

(Tim Shoemaker) #9

Typically you CAN change serialization and lot control settings IF you don’t have any inventory on hand… This means that it CAN be possible to remove all on-hand inventory and then change the settings, and then re-adjust the inventory back into stock.
BUT as you know by now (previous answers), changing the UOM is difficult at best. Taking the current inventory to zero would be advisable, but references to UOM are prolific throughout the system, which is why you cannot simply change it.
did you know that STOCKING UOM is referenced, with converstion factors in the following places?:

  1. Enginering BOM
  2. Purchase order lines and receipts
  3. AP Invoicing
  4. Sales Order lines
  5. AR Invoicing
  6. Jobs
  7. (and more…)

For this reason alone, you simply cannot change it because changing the UOM would require all open entries in the above (and more) tables would need updated, and reconverted.

Changing the Part Number is something that I wish we had in E10 (E9, V8, etc)… it IS something we had the ability to do in some of our legacy products (all the former Avante users probably remember the “CPN” (Comptuer Part Number) field… Every part had an invisible CPN as well as the visible “Item Number” (SKU, Part, number, etc). Since the visible part number referenced the CPN, it was possible to change the part number in the same way as we have the ability in E10 to change the Customer ID and Supplier ID. But of course, we all need to live within the confines of our current design where the part number IS the primary key to which all records within the database lead. Part, PO, SO, Quote, Invoices, Packing slips, BOM, Jobs, etc, etc… they ALL reference the Part Number directly so “Changing” the part number would be very difficult.