Carriage Returns Crystall Reports

(Devin Draeger) #1

So I has a dmt user update a lot of our parts using the DMT and our part descriptions have carriage returns in them. When I go to run the job traveler or our wip report I get an error message saying hexadecimal error. Is there a way that I can query our progress database and remove these? I did some research on this but did not find a final solution.

(Tim Shoemaker) #2

Instead of trying to fix the data, why not simply remove the CR/LF within the Crystal report? See:

(Heather Marie) #3

We’ve had to use the Replace({BAQReportResult.Table.Field},Chr(10),’’) and the
Replace({BAQReportResult.Table.Field},Chr(13), ‘’) for Descriptions used in our Crystal Reports. Sometimes nested within each other.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Question for all …

How does E9 store “line breaks” in multi-line fields (like PartDescr) ??

Wouldn’t the ideal thing be to transform the source of the DMT data (preferably in xlsx) so that the line breaks are maintained during DMT import? This would then retain the method E9 uses, which should be compliant with any CR written for E9.

FWIW - I ocassionally have to scrub the RS char (Record Separator, dec30 hex1E) from data, as that worked its way in.

(MIGUEL S.) #5

Before I knew about the replace, I just created a CR with ALL PN and DESC, if it failed then I would open up the XML and clean up the part.

I had the Part Num creators run the report. They do a better job now not copying and pasting from emails and websites.

(Calvin Krusen) #6

We ended up with two different parts in our system. Something on the order of :




In case it’s not obvious, the second one has an em-dash (char 150dec, 96hex)

Copy and Paste can be the devil.

(Bruce Ordway) #7

When I’m copying I try to remember to perform an intermediate paste into notepad.
Been pretty lucky with it clearing out the garbage characters.