Can we report the last operation in the top level assembly and backflush the sub assembly operations?

(Utah Taylor) #1

Has anyone been able to report only one operation in the upper level assembly and backflush all child assemblies and their operations to reduce the amount of labor reporting?

We have been tasked with reducing labor reporting.

(Tim Hager) #2

Years ago, we had a third party company write something for us that did just that. It’s a service that runs every few minutes and sweeps up the backflush transactions and propagates them down the tree somehow.

Disclaimer: I’m a financial guy and I have no idea how it works. I’m only posting to let you know that it CAN be done.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

I custom wrote my own work queue to be able to mass complete operations. It’s written on a dashboard. There are filters on the dashboard so that they can filter down the the things that they want to complete, whether it be all instances of the same part number on the job, all of the same material, or all of the same operation. The start runs through the grid and starts all of the operations, then on another tab, I have one to end the operations as well as a button to set the labor quantity to what is left. It takes a little while for it to run through everything that you have selected if you have more than 10 or so, but it’s way better then trying to do it one by one, or even use the built in work queue.

Here’s a link to the thread where I figured it out.

(Utah Taylor) #4

Do you have the contact information for that company? @thager

(Tim Hager) #5

It was probably seven or eight years ago.

@Ernie do you remember the company that wrote the routine for our subassembly back flush?

(Ernie Lowell) #6

um, yeah… I work for them now.

(Tim Hager) #7

Then you might be able to help Utah with the back flush.

(Utah Taylor) #8

@Ernie, we will get a hold of Evan.

(Chris Conn) #9

I heard that’s an alright company :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ernie Lowell) #10

That’s funny… my brother’s name is also Evan (our parents had a thing with “E”, our sister is Elaine)… and there aren’t that many of them. I’ve never seen both of our names simultaneously in a non-family-related matter!

Thanks for making my day!