Can I bring a select group of parts into Engineering Workbench?


(Mark Gardella) #1

I am really hoping that I am missing something. Typically in order to make a change to a bill of material, I

  1. Part Maintenance Screen (Call the part up)
  2. Part Maintenance Screen (Do a part revision checkout)
  3. Part Maintenance Screen (Open up Engineering Workbench)
  4. Engineering Workbench (Make the appropriate changes, approve and check the part back in)

So to my question, is there any way to load a select group of multiple parts to engineering workbench followed by the Group “Approve and check in all”? I feel(hope) like there is functionality here that I am not seeing?

(Tim Shoemaker) #2

No there is no standard way to do this… I have personally suggested that Epicor create a “Mass Checkout” prorcess, and I have created one using Updatable Dashboards for multiple customers, and this can be done with only “widgets” in the uBAQ bpms. The way it works is:

  1. the “Add” option simply adds a line to the BAQ
  2. user fills in the Part, OldRev. NewRev & GroupID to check the part out to
  3. when they go to the next line, or press save, this triggers the save routine… the “base” version is disabled and only an “advanced” routine runs… which runs the business method that creates the new rev, and checks out a part/newrev to the ECO Workbench, then “gets details” from the old rev into the workbench automatically.
    The Dashboard will allow you to “paste/Add” from Excel.
    Someday, I might show this off at Insights or a user group meeting.