BPM for Warning Message on Duplicate PO

(Corrine Hendrickson) #1

Good morning,

I am currently trying to create a BPM that will pop up a warning message when a duplicate PO is used on a Sales Order, but will not stop the user from entering the PO number as we have customers that will re-order products using the same PO. We are using Epicor 10.1.400.0 currently and I’ve tried to write the BPM on the SalesOrder.MasterUpdate method directive. I can get it to where the message will pop up but it will show on everything that is put in the PO box instead of just on duplication. I’ve tried using the “Number of rows in the query” condition and have added:

CustNum=OrderHed.CustNum field
and PONum=OrderHed.PONum field

I’ve seen other users say to add
OrderNum <>OrderHed.OrderNum field

I’ve tried that and the message will no longer show.

Any suggestions on how I can do this differently? I’m still fairly new to BPMs so any advice is much appreciated!

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Can you send some screenshots of your BPM setup;

(Surendra Pal) #3

Epicor has built in functionality for this each customer to enable. you have to checked on customer screen.

(Corrine Hendrickson) #4

I know that we can check the box on the Customer Setup but that is a hard stop on a duplicate PO. We’re just looking for a warning. Thank you for any help!

(Jose C Gomez) #5

You need to use the ttTable for your criteria. Not the ORderHed.CustNum but ttOrderHed.CustNum (same for the PO) Try that.

(Jose C Gomez) #6

You may have to drag in ttORderHed on those fields.

(Corrine Hendrickson) #8

Thank you so much! Dragging in the ttOrderHed took care of that.