BPM Custom code just hangs


(Mike McWilliams) #1

So I have been trying to add a custom code BPM to UD01.Update and can’t get any ting to work. It just hangs with the spinning circle.
So finally I just put one line of code in there to see what was going on and it still just hangs.
Any ideas, is something much deeper wrong?
all I put is
string nothing = “Nothing”;

(Brandon Anderson) #2

you’ll need to be more specific. just a single block of code? Pre or Post?

Also what are you trying to do? If I try to do what you describe it seems to work fine for me. It doesn’t really do anything, but it doesn’t get stuck.

(Mike McWilliams) #3

After a restart of the App Server everything is working fine now.
Very Strange.