BPM Compose Query Current Date expression actually a DateTime?


(Caleb Grundmeier) #1

In the Compose Query of a BPM, we have table criteria against a UD table date field (UD10.Date01). We are using the expression + 0 Days(s). For example, UD10.Date01 >= Current Date + 0 days. Come to find out that it doesn’t evaluate to true if Today’s date is the same as the UD10.Date01.


So I looked at the code it generated. It’s using Ice.Lib.CompanyTime.Now() to get the Current Date but that is actually a DateTime. So when it’s evaluating the condition, it is also using the time portion.

Am I thinking correctly that it should be using Ice.Lib.CompanyTime.Today() instead? I guess I would assume that the “Current Date” expression in the UI would just use the Date part.

I’m trying to get some feedback before I attempt to submit this issue to Epicor as bug.

(Tim Shoemaker) #2

Yes, I have had a similar problem, and instead of using that built in feature, simply create an expression that uses .Today() and also use the sql DateAdd feature.