Bartender - Epicor Mapping

(Chai Chang) #1

So I am tasked with mapping Epicor with Bartender labels. I have no idea where to start. Can someone point me to how to start? Like what tool do I need to connect to Epicor from Bartender to add the fields?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

There are about 10 ways to go about these. Which labels are you trying to generate?

(Chai Chang) #3

It’s a mixed of labels, but right now focus is on shipping/receiving labels. From what I was told is that I need Bartender/Epicor configured so the two can talk to each other. From there, do the field mapping from Epicor to Bartender?

(Brandon Anderson) #4

How do you want to generate the labels? Hit a button in epicor and then they pop out? Or are you trying to use bartenders label print station?

This thread will walk you through how to make a button to write out a csv to drop it in a folder that bartender can pick up and print.

I haven’t dug into the print station, mostly because it seems like it’s for a relatively static data set.

(Mike McWilliams) #5

You can also use commander to open and print to a specific printer using code. I have used this method ever since we have been on Vantage.
The help has examples and syntax on how to open, choose file, print and set the printer etc.

(Chai Chang) #6

Thanks all. I will take a look. I think it’s a combination. For example, printing packslip along with BPM routing to print labels. Then there will be times when someone click a button to print a label.

(Randy Stulce) #7

Labels setup for Print Station can have SQL Queries in them to pull non-static data. We have part labels we print via PS, a user opens the Part label and are asked what part number and Qty of labels needed, then it pulls all the data from Epicor and generates the label and sends X-copies of the label to be printed on a Zebra.

(Brandon Anderson) #8

Do you need multiple licenses of bartender to do this on multiple computers? We have one running on a server running the commander to grab file drops, but I haven’t looked into setting up print stations.

(Randy Stulce) #9

IIRC Print Station just needed the regular bartender client license but I believe there was some changes to how Print Station works in the newer version of BT which we haven’t upgraded to yet.