BAQ Summary Table vs. SubQuery

(Vicki Jeter) #1

Can anyone tell me:
a) If the Summary table is still used in E10.x?
b) if it is still used I know you can do Aggregates in Sub Queries but when is it appropriate to use a Sub Query and when should I use the Summary table function.

(Monty Wilson) #2

Dear Vicki,

Purists will say that summaries are being phased out and one should always use subqueries going forward. Recently I found that an uplifted E9 BAQ with a summary still worked (they have that little grandfathering checkbox after all) and out of curiosity I attempted to build the same query from scratch in 10.1.600 and it worked! I wouldn’t count on it, but there would be schools of thought on continuing to use something that’s in the process of being deprecated, while it still works.


(Olga Klimova) #3

Summary table is for backward compatibility. Internally it creates several subquieries.

(Vicki Jeter) #4

Thank you both so much. I was hoping it would give me another little twist in developing some of the more challenging BAQs.