BAQ Report using CTE BAQ?

(Mike Brady) #1

Hi, I have read here in the forum, and followed the Epicor instructions for creating a BOM listing using a CTE query. The BAQ is giving me exactly what I want when I have the main part number set inside the query. This is normally how I test a BAQ before creating a BAQ report. With this BAQ though, when I setup a new BAQ report, and either an option field or a filter on the main part number, I am only getting the top level of the BOM. When viewing it in the BAQ, I get everything. So, I tried adding a subquery for the partrev, and then doing an inner join to the CTE subquery. Again, works fine in the BAQ, but when I try to filter or option, I get an error:

BAQ execution returned errors:
Invalid column name ‘PartRev_PartNum’.
Invalid column name ‘PartRev_RevisionNum’.

Is it possible to filter or use an option field with a CTE BAQ in a BAQ report?