BAQ for Stock Status

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Hi Bruce,
In this case, external query doesn’t works. BAQ designer throws Connection time out error. As external BAQ property "Connection Timeout " is cannot be modified, the default timeout 30 seconds cannot returns this huge calculations back to BAQ results. So there are less chances of success with external query.


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Yes, I remember this now.
And now that I think about it, executive queries are not realtime, so not a solution either.

Definitely a challenge to use only the BAQ tools in E9.

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Hey Bruce,
Luckily, now external query working for us.we have succesfully resolved time out error by reducing criteria at primary level,at the time of SQL server view creation. So now, just create a view for few parts,with all transaction classes, summerize it by warehouse or lotwise in BAQ. I said few bcoz, it will reduce your real time execution ,so you can avoid Time-Out error. You can devide parts as per class,starting Initial or other criteria you want.
I think, the dashboard of warehouse wise stock will cover Stock Status Report, except Extended cost, it will not be a big deal to add extended cost in our view…


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