Back to E10 Home after Active Home Page

(Adam Johnson) #1


After logging in with the Active Home Page and set one of the EDD templates for my home page. If I go back to the normal E10 Home page without the active page selected, it has the tiles, but no information in them. I cannot get to the menu or any settings to even reset it. First, does anyone have a way to reset the home page? Second, is the intent to not use the old home pages if we move to Active?

Thank You.

(tyler fenwick) #2

Do you have a screenshot? We are not live yet but have been using all three separate screens though out testing in the 10.2 version without any issues. You may also try clearing the client cache.

(Adam Johnson) #3

Here is a screen shot of the normal home page after logging into Active and setting an EDD template.

I cannot even get to settings to clear cache or reset the home page.

(Olga Klimova) #4

Add new tile with Settings back. And reset layout from there.

(Adam Johnson) #5

Thanks for the help that seems to have worked. Is there a bug created for this? Seems you should be able to switch between environments?
Is there a table the home page is held in? I could find the theme in the ice.SysUserFile but no location of a home page. Might be easy for an admin to clear it out for a user then.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #6

It appears to be tied to Jira/SCR ERPS-87595 + epiccare problem PRB0192965. Target for resolution is and depending on the resolution it will be determined if it can be retro’d back to 10.2.100.x. If you open a support case tied to this problem, the analyst can share the engineering notes.