Automatic Base Description Padding?

(Adam) #1

Anyone ever have this happen?.. The first line of our base description on order entry lines gets padded to 30 spaces. This extra space often messes up displays in trackers and reports. Whenever I clear the space and hit save, the space comes back. Any idea why?

(Jason Woods) #2

Use a text editor like notepad++ and copy the text to that. Then turn on the visibility of hidden characters. You will likely find it there.

(Adam) #3

Yup… it’s simply adding space characters, then normal carriage returns. The right padding only occurs on the first line.

(Adam) #4

If I reduce the description to only one line, no padding is added. If I add a second line, however, the first line always gets padded to 30 total characters before the line break.

(Jason Woods) #5

Strange. Any you are positive there isn’t a BPM?
Part.Update Method Directive or Part Data Directive?

(Adam) #6

I have opened all relative BPMs that I could find and none seem to deal with anything remote to this.

(Brandon Anderson) #7

FWIW, carriage returns in descriptions can cause lots of problems in other areas, like DMT, Bartender, etc. I would avoid those if possible. Maybe the attributes fields would be a more robust solution?

(Adam) #8

Yes, we have come to realize the pain of multi-line descriptions… however, with thousands of products in the system, a change is not coming soon…

(Calvin Krusen) #9

If carriage returns are to be avoided, how would one enter A multi-line description so that it would appear on Orders and invoices like:

Line  Part #     Decription                    Qty
====  ========== ============================= =====
  1   RPS-1-2-3  ACME BRAND ROCKET SKATES        1   
                 - TITANIUM WHEELS
                 - SOLID FUEL ROCKETS
                 - ROAD RUNNER SEEKING RADAR

Where the text of the description is:


(Calvin Krusen) #10

Adam - some testing shows that my is doing what you describe.

I tried cheating by entering just a LF (CTRL+J) or just a CR (CTRL+M), but both add the spaces when you save.

(Brandon Anderson) #11

If it were me, I would add fields to the attributes section of the part master file and modify the reports to grab those. (easier said than done I’m sure, I would need help getting that done)

It’s a tough call on which to do though. Both processes of modifying the reports, or doing the workarounds to not get messed up by carriage returns are a lot of work. It all depends on what your business requires, and what tools it requires.

If the descriptions are all established that way and that’s how the business works, then leave it alone is probably the right call.

(Chris Conn) #12

+1 for the Acme supplies :smiley: