Auto Refresh Dashboard

(Marco Vissuet) #1

is there a way to auto refresh a dashboard with multiple BAQs, whenever a record on one of the dashboards is updated?

(Brandon Anderson) #2

yes, but you have to customize it to do it, and depending on the baq’s being used, performance can suffer, so you’ll have to think about that. Have you worked with customization before?

(Marco Vissuet) #3

Yes. Just not with any that would refresh a dashboard.

(Brandon Anderson) #4

Make sure that you have the refresh all enabled on your dashboard, then you can use this code to call the refresh all command which will refresh all of the BAQ’s on the dashboard. You’ll have to figure out which form event you want to attach it to.

		MainController.AppControlPanel.HandleToolClick("RefreshAllTool", new 
		Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.ToolClickEventArgs(MainController.MainToolManager.Tools["RefreshAllTool"], null));;

(Marco Vissuet) #5

Thank you very much!