APR email to multiple records

(Sam Khayatt) #1

All -

We have recently installed APR but I have not yet figured out how to send the same invoice to multiple records. We have several customers who require invoices to be sent to two (or more) different people at the company. I am using a customer contact attribute to identify these folks, but APR sends only to the first one.

For those customers that have only two recipients, I can usually squish both email addresses into one contact record (separated with semi-colon and space), but that does not address the underlying problem.

Has any of you solved this?

And for those of you looking for a good example of how to make APR work (the system documentation was not helpful to me), I recommend this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At4rbM2V-bA


(Bryan DeRuvo) #2

This question comes up often. If the records are stored in the database already (sales rep, customer, etc) you can edit the RDD to include.

I have added a UD field to either be included or override the standard CalcEmail field.

(Sam Khayatt) #3

Thanks, Bryan.

The records are in the database and the RDD does include the necessary fields. My issue is that I have two contacts (billing contact 1 and billing contact 2) who need to receive the invoice.

I have the invoices breaking on Inv Number and Customer Number. There is a 2-step condition that looks for (1) the “@” symbol in the CustCnt.EmailAddress and (2) that CustCnAttr.AttrCode = ACT00001.

When the system goes through the routing, it sends the email to Billing Contact 1, but not to Billing Contact 2. I don’t know how to make it find all the records (and not just the first one) that meet the criteria.


(Bryan DeRuvo) #4

When I test the fields, I add them to the body of the email and run without the conditions and hard code my email address in the rule. Check if both fields are appearing in the body, that will validate the RDD.

Which version of Epicor are you on? 10.1.500.X has a few little bugs in APR (because it was new), there was one where it would not send to multiple email addresses.

Are you including both email address in the TO field, can you add the second contact to CC?

(brychan williams) #5

Hi, our (very good) developer basically did the following. Add ud fields to customer record for invoices and statements. This can contain multiple email addresses. The premise is that generally, these are generic addresses. You can separate by comma etc depending on the smtp. The contact detail on the customer record are then generally actual people. The rdd is updated to include those ud fields, hence you can email them. Hope this helps.

(Sam Khayatt) #6

I did add them to the body – well, I added the name, but it’s the same thing. System pulled in the first and not the second.

We are on 10.1.500.10. Maybe the update fixed it.

It’s not so much adding addresses in the TO field; I have created a contact called Billing Contact and the email address is: billing1@company.com; billing2@company.com.

I am not doing any coding – just populating fields in the email template. I am very new to all this… baby steps.

(Sam Khayatt) #7

Have not yet experimented with UD fields as in order to use them it seems that we have to regenerate the database, which we have not ever done (yet…). Very new to all this. Our multiple recipients are not generic mailboxes – they are actual people who have the usual contact information associated with them.

The ones that go to a generic box usually go only to the generic box (ap@company.com) so I have a contact called Accounts Payable with the address ap@company.com

Thanks for your thoughts. Will contemplate the UD field – need to speak with my IT guy about maintenance.

(Mark Damen) #8

Push it back to the customer – ask them to setup an email distribution group at their end, you only have 1 email address to send to and they have the complete control over who receives the emails at their end. Win-win!

(Sam Khayatt) #9

I like it. Will see if I can get them to do that… Thanks.