APICs Best Practice question ** Non ERP question


(Carol Pelowski) #1

This is not really an ERP question … sorry folks if I am overstepping bounds here… but we may have some APIC certified members out there who may be able to help with this. Thank you in advance!!
we have 2 resources that supply a downstream single resource.
The downstream resource has excess capacity to support more than the 2 upstream resources can supply.

APICS best practice question: Should the production standard for the downstream resource be set to:
1. The maximum qty that can be supplied by the 2 upstream resources
2. The maximum that the downstream resource is capable of producing?

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Aaron Willett) #2

I would set to the maximum for the downstream resource.
That way, if you ever add any new upstream capacity, the load is not limited by what the 2 upstream used to be able to do.

(Carol Pelowski) #3

Thank you Aaron …I appreciate the feedback