Anyone setup a Datamatrix barcode to populate multiple fields

(Dave Olender) #1

For our shipping people I would like to create an inventory tag that has a Datamatrix 2D barcode that contains PartNum, LotNum, and Quantity.

I would like the shipping person to scan the barcode when they are on the PackOut screen and have all three fields populate automatically.

I have tried embedding a horizontal tab in the barcode string, however the cursor just stays on the part number field and never tabs over to the LotNum.

Just wondering if anyone has done this - used a single barcode to populate more than one Epicor Field?

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(Bruce Ordway) #2

Have you already tried scanning your barcode into an open session of notepad?
I usually use notepad to verify that my tabs have been successfully added to a bar code.

Reason… it is not unusual for something “extra” to be happening in an Epicor entry form that will require additional handling.

e.g. there is a time lag after the Job number is input when starting an activity in MES.
E10 tries to verify job number and this can cause the bar code scan to time out.

(Dave Olender) #3

Mr. Bruce: Thank you for the timing suggestion.

I am using notepad++ to show all characters so I am pretty confident the control characters are being transmitted.


as you can see the tabs are shown as an arrow.

I also, tried changing the user interface to have the carriage return act as Tab and then I appended a CRLF to the end of the part and lot. However, that does not work either.

(Bruce Ordway) #4

And which brand/model scanner are you using - any “delay” or “timing” settings available for your device?

I have added delays to make it is easier to see some of the interaction between scanned characters and the E10 form.

(Dave Olender) #5

its a Zebra DS4208.

I have the keyboard emulation turned on - without it the control characters were not being transmitted.

(Dave Olender) #6

I have not used any timing settings - I will try that.

(Dave Olender) #7

Got it! - .Zebra/Symbol has a setting called “Enable Function Key Mapping” .

Turn that on and then the tabs will be honored by Epicor.

I start with the cursor in the Partnumber field of the Packout tab, scan the barcode, and the partnumber, Lotnumber and Quantity are automatically entered.

Easy street - here I come :slight_smile:


(Calvin Krusen) #8

Now print out a barcode that has the keys for New Line. Just keep it in a book at the packing station. Then after scanning that Part/Lot/Qty barcode, scan that static code to create the new pack line :wink:

ALT+F - N - L

(Brad Fraser) #9

I have implemented barcodes in Code 39 with multiple fields on 10.1.600. Just a heads up that sometimes simply a tab is not enough, you may need to insert a pause.

(Dave Olender) #10

Mr. Brad: Thanks for the heads up. I have not run into that – yet.

I have part numbers that contain symbols outside the Code39 character set, AND I have one part number that is 48 characters wide – too many characters for a good 1d barcode.

I may run into timing issues down the road – thanks again for the heads up.