Any people into Vanagons?

(Mark Wonsil) #21

Don’t worry! C# is still a good skill. While JavaScript (and all of its frameworks like Angular, Vue, React, etc.) are the lingua franca today, WebAssembly is starting to see some traction. Microsoft is working on a project called Blazor. Right now it’s experimental but a lot of people are getting pretty excited about it. Blazor is an adaptation of Microsoft’s Razor pages but instead of using JavaScript to control the page, you can use C# in the browser. The C# is compiled to WebAssembly, which is a W3C standard. Think of it as a VM for your browser like the Java VM or CLR in .Net.

Initial performance numbers are impressive (crypto-miners prefer it to JavaScript! :wink:) But like I said, it’s still not an official product but I’m sure Epicor is keeping their eye on it. I would think this is a years transition for Epicor just for Kinetic. Switching out Angular for Blazor does not affect the long term plan and could be integrated over time as well.

Mark W.

(Randy Stulce) #22

I’m just learning it but it should make a good foundation to learn something new.

(Jose C Gomez) #23

Sorry… :blush:

(Brandon Anderson) #24

Looks like the answer is no. Lol.

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I’ve been waiting for literally months to find a good time to use that GIF…

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To answer your original question since @Banderson accused me of hijacking your thread LoL

I love cooking and experimenting with food, learning about food etc. So on my spare time I find ways to make interesting foods. My most recent experiment was curing my own ham and smoking it. Turned out great!

You can see some of my food “porn” here

I also dabble in Oil Painting but I haven’t done anything new on that in a few years.

(Aaron Willett) #27

I just started acrylic painting.
Wanna get together and make some Epicor art? :smiley:

(Brandon Anderson) #28

oh great, think of the ads that are going to show up now!!

(Calvin Krusen) #29

Loved those ads. “If bowling were like hockey…”

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@Hogardy for the info you seek I will redirect you to your other post LOL

(Randy Stulce) #31

I for one blame @josecgomez


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Is there non-sexy Comicon Cosplay?

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Mmm Clearly people are winding up for a bit of a break…Vanagons? Anyone…:roll_eyes:

(Toby Lai) #35

Today is my last day for the year.

I used to like to build Gaming Rig to play games, but stopped that for ages because of the cost. These days , I love going to Go Karts, if you like karting, we can meet up at acekarts one day.

(Randy Stulce) #36

Having attended Comicon, I’ll just say yes.

Ok, so back to topic.

@Hally, we went tent camping but I grew up near a “hippy couple” --as my dad always called them-- that had one and I always loved it. They were probably in their 40’s and I was like 6 but, they’d still talk to me while they were cleaning the van after a camping weekend. The pop-up roof was the coolest thing!

(Haso Keric) #37

Probably @timshuwy given that hes been afk for like ever.

(Simon Hall) #38

VAN Porn!

Travelled around Europe in that blue sucker,very scary to drive in windy conditions.