Amazon to Epicor


(Thomas Curtis) #1

Afternoon Group,
I am wondering if anyone has done any sort of integration with pulling orders from Amazon through into Epicor with no manual data entry. Currently we get a PDF of the order and it gets manually entered but if it continues to grow this would become cumbersome and impractical. Does anyone have some guidance or recommendations?

(Jessica Crociata) #2

Our Amazon orders enter Epicor via EDI. That’s both for Amazon direct fulfillment and warehouse fulfillment. I believe the only “manual” process our Amazon orders receive is when the orders to not pass to order entry and process in Demand Workbench or Demand Entry where the order needs review because of a discrepancy (pricing issue, inventory issue, etc). I would determine if you are eligible for EDI with Amazon and determine if this is the path you would like to venture. If it is, you can contact with Epicor and they can get you going on the EDI processes and how E10 works with it…once the kinks work out and you get familiar with it, it’s pretty snazzy! =D

(Kenneth Hayes) #3

If you sell through “Vendor Central”, EDI is the way to go. But, if you sell through “Seller Central” (a.k.a. the Amazon Marketplace), you’ll have to integrate using their API and some custom code. I’ve done it and It’s not trivial, but not too terrible if you have some programming talent on staff.

(Matt Hellwig) #4

We developed our own cloud solution on Microsoft Azure; it integrates Amazon and Epicor using web services and the API. This was for an FDA medical device company. However, we did not use the EDI module (big cost savings). Like Kenneth said, it wasn’t trivial.

(Andris Skulte) #5

We’re using Amazon’s MWS xml files to parse orders, shipments, and payments per our programmer.

Jessica - With EDI, is that through the licensed module and Tie Kinetix?

How do you guys handle checking for duplicate customers (Amazon vs Direct-Sale)?

(Jessica Crociata) #6

Yes it uses the licensed module and TIE Kinetix. As far as separation, we just have Amazon Warehouse set up as a separate customer that Amazon Direct Fulfillment so the EDI mappings are different in that sense also. Basically, we have an Amazon DS customer and then an Amazon Warehouse customer. Hasn’t seemed to cause issue for anything down the road and we have the duplicate PO check in place to avoid duplicated orders being processed electronically or manually it gives an error message to users saying the PO is already in use